With Summer’s End to Whole Food Beginnings

The past few episodes my focus has been on the whole food diet. Personally, I’m a big advocate for it. Among the plethora of diets out there – from South Beach to Atkins, vegan to carnivore – I’ve found that the whole food diet aligns best with my body. To me, it’s about getting back to basics – meat, veggies, fruits – and steering clear of processed foods that fill our grocery store shelves.

Whole foods mean natural sources. Think about it: fish, chicken, steak, along with broccoli and cauliflower, plus a selection of fresh fruits. That’s what it’s all about. Skip the boxed, bagged, or packaged stuff, because that’s not what whole foods are about.

But let’s be real, preparing meals can be daunting, right? Well, here are some quick tips to make your journey with the whole food diet easier. Batch cooking is a game-changer. Whip up a big pot of chili on a Sunday, and you’re sorted for the week. It might take some time upfront, but having ready-to-go meals in your fridge makes weekdays a breeze.

And don’t underestimate the power of meal prepping. Cutting up vegetables, arranging portions, it’s all about setting yourself up for success. Think about those meal kit programs – their appeal lies in the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients. You can adopt the same approach at home.

Finally, when it comes to shopping, stick to your list. The central aisles are packed with processed foods, so stick to the outer edges where the fresh produce is. Keep it simple, start small, and gradually explore more complex recipes.

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