Pushing Boundaries, Finding Balance: A Guide to Sustainable Fitness

Let’s dive more into the topic of balance. Often, when people talk about balance, they use it as an excuse to back off and take it easy. But here’s a thought: balance isn’t about retreating or giving ourselves excuses. It’s about finding the sweet spot between two extremes.

Allow me to draw upon Aristotle’s concept of virtue. Imagine two poles: on one end, we have foolhardiness, and on the other, cowardice. The virtue lies in the middle—bravery. Most of us, including myself, fall closer to the cowardice end of the spectrum. That’s where we are, and there’s no shame in admitting it. Finding balance means pushing ourselves away from cowardice and towards a braver mindset.

Let’s apply this idea specifically to fitness. On one pole, we have the gym rat—the person who spends hours at the gym, obsessing over every detail of their workout routine. On the opposite pole, we find the couch potato, someone who spends their days sedentary, glued to the TV. Our goal is to be in the middle, finding balance between these two extremes.

For most of us, the journey towards balance starts by pushing ourselves out of the couch potato zone and inching closer to the gym rat zone. However, it’s crucial to note that going full-blown gym rat isn’t sustainable for everyone. We need to listen to our bodies and avoid burnout. The key is to find that balanced sweet spot, where we are fit, healthy, and capable of engaging in physical activities without going to extremes.

By challenging ourselves and consistently pushing beyond our comfort zones, we gradually attain balance. It may seem counterintuitive, but pushing ourselves is the pathway to equilibrium. As we strive for balance, we become individuals who can effortlessly handle everyday tasks, from carrying heavy grocery bags to engaging in backyard projects without breaking down.

Let’s embark on this journey to find balance together. Join me in pushing ourselves to new heights, both in fitness and in life. Remember to visit www.joejustice.org/join for live workouts on Monday and Friday morning, and don’t forget to engage with the Home Gym Hustle Hero podcast. By taking these steps, we can achieve the balanced, healthy lifestyle we aspire to.

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