Feeling stuck with no energy, struggling to find time for exercise, not knowing what to eat and lacking motivation to just get started with a healthy lifestyle? As a typical West Virginian and family man, I know exactly how you feel.

You know that exercise and eating right are important, but finding the time and money for the gym can be a challenge. Plus, it can be hard to stay motivated and stick to a routine without the support of a community.

The Home Gym Hustle Heroes Challenge Group is what you’re looking for to provide you with inspiration, motivation and information to transform your body! In May we did at-home group workout via Zoom to help busy people, particularly parents, build energy and confidence. I really enjoyed it so I’m going to keep it up through the summer.

We meet every Monday and Friday at 7:00AM and I’ve found a routine for June that takes only 20 minutes! So, no more excuses! Sign up and join in! Plus get daily fitness tips and weekly challenges.

With this group you’ll have everything you need to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. Say goodbye to excuses and hello to a healthier, happier you! Sign up today and get your Welcome Kit with tips and resources to help you get started.

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  • You’ll be emailed direct access to the Home Gym Hustle Heroes Facebook Group
  • Receive a “Welcome Kit” full of tips for What to do with the kids while you’re working out, what essential equipment your home gym needs, and how to jumpstart a new clean eating lifestyle!
  • Get feedback and support from your peers and Joe Justice!
  • Grab “first dibs” on exclusive promos on resources that will help you get into great shape without even stepping foot in a gym!
  • While you’re here, check out my podcast for all kind of tips and motivation!

Meet Joe Justice

Hey there kings and queens, I’m Joe! And to be honest with you, I’m pretty new to this fitness coaching thing. A little over 5 years ago I was out of shape, overwhelmed and just kind of miserable. I had a young family, a job and a community that all needed a little bit of me until I just didn’t have a lot left to give.

Long story short, I realized the only way to do everything I needed to do was to get my mind and body in a better place. Through a little psychology, sweat and tears I was able to take control of my life and become powerful enough to handle any load.

People began to ask me what I was doing and how I had lost so much weight and gotten so fit. More than one friend told me I was aging backwards and should start a gym or something like that. But my entire philosophy was around doing my workout at home so I would never have to waste time traveling to a gym. So I thought I could start a virtual community to help people out. And so here we are!