Embrace Health Esteem

Meet Joe Justice

Hey there kings and queens, I’m Joe! And to be honest with you, I’m pretty new to this fitness coaching thing. A little over 5 years ago I was out of shape, overwhelmed and just kind of miserable. I had a young family, a job and a community that all needed a little bit of me until I just didn’t have a lot left to give.

Long story short, I realized the only way to do everything I needed to do was to get my mind and body in a better place. Through a little psychology, sweat and tears I was able to take control of my life and become powerful enough to handle any load.

People began to ask me what I was doing and how I had lost so much weight and gotten so fit. More than one friend told me I was aging backwards and should start a gym or something like that. But my entire philosophy was around doing my workout at home so I would never have to waste time traveling to a gym. So I thought I could start something online to help people out. And so here we are!